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1933 World's Grain Exhibition and Congress

The World’s Grain Exhibition and Conference was an international agriculture show held at Regina, Saskatchewan, from July 25 to August 5 , 1933.

The exhibition and conference building held dozens of displays on agriculture, science, and world events. The building boasted one and a half miles of exhibit frontage. The academic presentations at the Exhibition and Conference included issues relevant to the 1930's including “The Present World Wheat Situation and Trends,” “Causes of Agricultural Depression”, and “World’s Wheat Surpluses.”

Last day, August 5, 1933

After the closing of the event on August 5, 1933, the Regina Leader Post reported that total attendance at the Fair and Exhibition exceeded 214,000 persons.

World's Grain Conference Stamp

On July 24, 1933, the Canadian Post Office issued a stamp to commemorate the World's Grain Exhibition. The Department wanted to issue a postage stamp depicting a phase of the grain-growing industry but was not able to prepare a newly designed stamp. The post Office decided to overprint the 20 cent red pictorial stamp which featured grain-harvesting by tractor.The inscription. printed in blue, read:



Post Office Announcement

The Post Office announcement was mailed on June 27, 1933.

Machine "Free" cancellation

First Day Cover

Regina, July 24, 1933


Toronto to Sudbury, November 3, 1933
3 cents surface forward letter rate + 20 cents Special Delivery fee