Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1949 : American Airlines Flight 157 Crash

On November 29, 1949, American Airlines Flight 157 carrying 46 passengers and crew from New York to Mexico City crashed at Love Field, Dallas. The flight crew of the  Douglas DC-6 lost one engine in mid-flight and lost control during its approach to Love Field. The plane slid off the runway crashing into several buildings. 26 passengers and two flight attendants died. The pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer and 15 passengers survived.

A Douglas DC-6 similar to the one involved in the Dallas crash

 The post card shown below was on board Flight 157.

Niagara Falls to Mexico City, November 28, 1949
10 cents air mail rate to Mexico
Shortpaid and taxed 24 centimes
Spanish Label

A label written in Spanish was affixed advising that the correspondence was found in this state in the wreckage of the air plane crash in Dallas, on November 29,1949.