Monday, December 3, 2012

1947 Citizenship Act

Canadian citizenship, as a status separate from British nationality, was created by the Canadian Citizenship Act, 1946, which came into effect on 1 January 1947. Canada Post Office issued a stamp to commemorate Canadian citizenship on July 1, 1947, the 80th anniversary of Confederation.

The Lost Canadians

The Citizenship Act, 1946, failed to include a number of persons. Today, there are an estimated 37,000 people born to a Canadian parent and living in Canada who believed themselves to be Canadian citizens or entitled to be citizens, but are not considered citizens according to the citizenship law. These are the "Lost Canadians". In most cases, the Lost Canadians were never aware that they weren't citizens until they applied for government pensions or attempted to receive healthcare.

Stamp Essays


Citizen (male) standing on globe holding maple leaf

Citizen standing on globe (Canada) no maple leaf

Collage and Issued Stamp

First Day Covers


Domestic Letter

Welland to Hamilton, August 8, 1947
4 cents forward letter rate

Coldwater to Tillsonburg, July 9, 1947
4 cents forward letter rate

Chilliwack to Vancouver, July 2, 1947
4 cents forward letter rate

Domestic Special Services

Toronto local registered letter, August 26, 1947
3 cents local letter rate + 10 cents registration fee  (1c overpayment)

International Post Card

Edmonton to Kirkwall, Scotland, July 6 1947
3 cents international post card rate (1c overpayment)

UPU Surface Letter 

Toronto to Vienna, August 20, 1947
5 cents UPU surface letter rate
Shortpaid1 cent and taxed 26 groshen

International Air Mail : Europe

Toronto to Lulea, Sweden, November 25, 1947
15 cents first step air mail letter rate to Europe