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1947 Alexander Graham Bell

Archives Canada

"The conception of the Telephone took place during that summer visit to my father's residence in Brantford in 1874, and the apparatus was just as it was subsequently made, a one-membrane telephone on either end ... The experiment of August 10, 1876, made from Brantford to Paris, was the first transmission, the first clear, intelligible transmission of speech over the real line, that had ever been made."
A. G. Bell at Boston, Massachusetts, March 13, 1916

On March 3, 1947, Canada Post Office issued a 4 cent commemorative stamp honouring the birth centenary of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. The stamp was designed by Herman Schwartz and the picture was engraved by Silas Allen.

Retouched photo vignette on engraved and hand drawn frame (l); issued stamp (r)

 First Day Covers


Domestic Letter

Vancouver to Edmonton, April 17, 1947

Brantford to Hamilton, March 5, 1947

Brantford to Toronto, April 17, 1947

Toronto and Ottawa C.P.R. RPO (No. 5) to Mount Pleasant, March 23, 1947

Bell Telephone Company Correspondence and Perfin

Montreal to St. Jean, Que., September 22, 1947

Air Mail to the U.S.

Vancouver to New York, July 7, 1947
7 cents air mail letter rate

International Surface Letter Preferential Rate

Calgary to Durban, South Africa, November 13, 1947
4 cents preferential international surface letter rate
 International Air Mail : Europe

Port Alberni to Berlin, May 17, 1947
15 cents air mail letter rate to Europe

Toronto to St. Gall, Switzerland, March 18, 1947
30 cents 2nd weight step air mail letter rate