Sunday, January 1, 2012

Illustrated Covers:
George VI Mufti Period

This post shows attractive covers mailed in the 1937 to 1942 period.

Wm. Rennie Seeds

Rae J. Watson

Woodward Stores Ltd.

Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada, Limited

Kingston Bible College

Victoria, B.C.

Vancouver, B.C.

Manganese Steel Castings, Limited
Sherbrooke Centennial

Regina Florist Co. Ltd.

Hess and Clark

A. Prud'homme and Fils, Limitee

Geo. H. Lees and Co.

J. Donat Langelier Limited

White Rose

Joe Caputo
Espanola Shoe Repair Shop

Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition

Troy Chemical Co.

Hamburg Felt Boot Co. Limited

Frank Fales and Sons Limited

John S. Simmons


Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition

Brantford Diamond Jubilee
G.F. Sterne and Sons, Limited

The Robert Simpson Eastern Limited

Hotel Coulson, Sudbury

The Manitoba Cold Storage Co. Limited

J.W. Kelly Piano Co. Ltd., Vancouver


Canadian Nature

Evangelical Publishers, Toronto

The Wig-a-Mog Inn, Haliburton

Hamblin, Metcalfe, Limited, Kitchener