Saturday, July 28, 2012

WWII Real Photo Postcards
German POWs Interned in Canada

During WWII, photographs of German POWs interned in Canadian camps were taken and reproduced on postcard size stock. The cards provided family and friends with visual assurance of the prisoners' well-being.

The cards shown in this post were printed on Eastman Kodak silver chloride paper called Azo which is identified in the upper right hand corner of the address side.

Azo photographic postcard stock
was introduced by Kodak in the
early 1900s.

Camp 20 Gravenhurst

An enlargement shows details captured on the Real Photo

February 17, 1945

Camp 30 Bowmanville

December 1, 1944

Camp 44 Grande Lygne

May 12, 1945

Camp 133 Lethbridge

Two postcards from the Lethbridge camp are shown.

June 21, 1943

July 20, 1943