Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hold Mail

Post Office customers could request that mail not be delivered for a specified period of time. This was handy when individuals were planing on going on a trip. Schools commonly  made such requests during the holiday periods . The service was called "Hold Mail" , and in 1976 Canada Post began charging customers for holding mail.

Hold Mail Rates


Change of Address Cards-Part 3-Requests to Postmasters for Redirection or Holding of Mail, John Aitken, Corgi Times, May-June 2006

Request for Holding of Mail Cards

Canada Post provided request cards for mail redirection and holding of mail. The cards were filled in and stamps were affixed to the cards to pay for the service. The 1977 card is shown below.

Printing Number :  33 - 086- 028 (7-77)

 Newmarket, July 20, 1982
$1.50 Holding of Mail fee for 1 month
(The rate had increased to $1.50 on January 1, 1982-old card still in use)

Request to Hold Mail 2013

The "Request to Hold Mail" form shown below is available at post office outlets.

Printing number 33-086-466 (07-11)

 Request to Hold Mail form

Terms and Conditions

The cost of residential Hold Mail service (March, 2013) is:
$20 for the first 10 weekdays.
$8.50 per additional week (5 weekdays)