Friday, March 22, 2013

Canada Goose Change of Address Announcement Cards

In 1985, Canada Post introduced an attractive pictorial change of address announcement card  featuring Canada geese, Branta canadensis, which featured the work of Guelph artist Laurie McGaw.

 This post shows change of address cards printed by Canada Post from 1985 to the present day. I have been able to identify four basic designs, three of which are credited to Ms. McGaw.


1. Front Side :  Illustration Only
a. Branta canadensis
b. Geese in Flight  

2.  Divided Front Side :  Illustration + Address
a. Geese in Flight
b. Geese in Flight at Sunset

1. Front Side :  Illustration Only 

a. Branta canadensis 

Printing Number: 40- 076- 547 (7-85)

Laurie McGaw

  b. Geese in Flight

Printing Number: 40- 075- 545 (8-85)



Left Side : Announcement information
Right Side : Address

 North Bay to Sudbury, May 19, 1986
34 cents letter/post card rate

 Back with address only

Printing Number 40 -076-545 (7-85)

The back of the "Geese in Flight"change of address announcement card shown below has a blank left side, making this an attractive souvenir post card. I do not know if this was deliberately printed this way.

 Green Gables to London, England, July 13, 1988
74 cent International letter/post card rate

2. Divided Front Side :  Illustration + Address

a. Geese in Flight


Printing Number: 40- 075- 545 (8-86)

 Kitchener, March 18, 1988
37 cent letter/post card rate



Printing Number : 40- 076 - 545 (4-88)

The difference in 1986 and 1988 printings involves the date section at the bottom of the information side of the card. The 1988 version has columns for the date.

 1986 printing

 1988 printing - columns provided for date


Printing Number : 40- 076 - 545 (93-02)

The difference in 1988 and 1993 printings involves the postal code box on the front side. The 1988 version had a pink filled in box separating the two halves of the postal code.  The pink box was removed from the 1993 printing.

 1988 printing

1993 printing

2002 Change of Address Kit

Canada Post provided Change of Address Kit booklets which contained 17 change of address cards and helpful hints about moving. The cards in the kit were from Printing Number : 40-076-545 (93-02).

 Change of Address kit front

b. Geese in Flight at Sunset

Printing Number : 40-076-545 (05-09)

The current card (March, 2013) provided by Canada Post shows geese in flight at sunset.