Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Handstruck Ocean Mail Stamps
1854 - 1869

In 1854, the rate for letters sent by British packet (Cunard) to Great Britain was set at 8d. sterling (10d. currency) for departures from New York, and 6d. sterling (7 1/2d. currency) for sailings from Quebec or Halifax. The rate was marked sterling or currency, or both. The rate by U.S. Packet (closed mail through the United States) was 1s. 2d. sterling/ 1s. 4d. currency.

8d. British Packet Rate via New York

8d Stg. (Unpaid)

Quebec to Burham, England, August 22, 1854
Unpaid 8d. sterling Cunard rate via New York

8 PAID 10 (Numerals only)

Hamilton to Sunninghill, England, November 16, 1857
8d. sterling/10d. currency British packet rate from New York

8d. Stg. PAID 10d. Cy.

Roxton Falls to Honiton, England, September 24, 1858
8d. sterling/10d. currency British packet rate from New York

PAID 8d. Stg

Kingston to Mansfield, England, November 4, 1859
8d. sterling British packet rate from New York

6 d. Packet Rate via Quebec or Halifax

PAID 6d Stg

Toronto to Leek, England, October 8, 1868

1s. 2d. U.S. Packet Rate

1/2 (Numerals only)

Peterboro to Navan, Ireland, July 5, 1855
"By Boston"
Unpaid 1s. 2d. sterling/1s. 4d. currency U.S. packet rate

War in the Crimea curtailed much of Cumard service as several liners were requisitioned for troop transport. The above letter was sent by U.S. packet for that reason.