Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1973 Jeanne Mance

Hôtel-Dieu Hospital

Jeanne Mance (1606-1673) was the first lay nurse to settle in New France. She was the founder of Montreal's Hôtel-Dieu Hospital and the co-founder of that city. She left France for the North American continent on May 9, 1641. Not only did Jeanne Mance establish a hospital but she directed her energy towards laying the colony's very foundations. When the Montreal mission was in jeopardy, she crossed the Atlantic several times to save it from ruin. In addition to running the hospital, Jeanne Mance was the treasurer and manager of the Montreal settlement.

A small picture signed L. Dugardin, preserved at the Hôtel-Dieu of Montreal, is believed to represent the true face of Jeanne Mance.

The Jeanne Mance stamp, designed by Raymond Bellemere, was based on the Dugardin picture.

First Day Covers

The Jeanne Mance stamp was issued on April 18, 1973.

Canada Post Office Publicity First Day Cover

Canada Envelope Company (Rosecraft Cachet)


Kingswood (Fleetwood)

Canadian Bank Note Company

Monsieur Timbre

Senate (Rosecraft)

Canada Post Office "Official"


David Pritchard

Canadian Nurses' Association

The Rosecraft cachet was used for first day covers prepared by the Canadian Nurses' Association.