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1973 The Algonkians

In 1973, Canada Post Office continued its annual Canadian "Indians" stamp series with the release of four stamps illustrating the Algonkian Indians. The stamp were issued in se-tenant pairs in two installments, February and November.

February 21, 1973 release.

The first two stamps in the series included a painting, "Micmac Indians", and a photograph of Algonkian artifacts.

November 28, 1973 release

The stamps issued in November featured Algonkian costumes and a thunderbird.

Colour Trials

National Archives of Canada

National Archives of Canada

First Day Covers

Canada Post Office Publicity First Day Cover

Publicity insert


Canada Envelope Company

Canada Envelope Company used Rosecraft envelopes.

Overseas Mailers/Jackson

Rosecraft Senate

Canadian Armed Forces

Sterling Offices of Canada

To Germany

David Pritchard

Kingswood (Fleetwood)

Canada Post Office "Official"

Domestic Letter

Manitouwage to Toronto, March 2, 1973
8 cents domestic letter rate

Searchmont to Toronto, March 6, 1973
8 cents domestic letter rate

International Letter Mail

Calgary to Buenos Aires, December 20, 1973
15 cents international letter rate (1 cent overpayment)

Argentina poste restante fee : 18c