Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2013 Quarterly Stamp Packs

Canada Post quarterly packs are a convenient way to collect Canadian new issues. This post shows the stamps contained in the 2013 Quarterly Packs.


Gum Types

a)  P.V.A. Gum

Traditional water activated P.V.A. (polyvinayl acetate) gum continues to be used on stamps printed in sheet format and souvenir sheets.
 P.V.A. gum

b) Self-Adhesive Pressure Sensitive Gum

Self-adhesive gum is used on booklet and coil stamps. The stamps are die cut through the stamp allowing the stamp to be pealed off the backing.

 Opened booklet

Cover (backing for stamps)

Quarterly Pack Self-Adhesive Die Cut Stamps

Single self-adhesive stamps from booklets are supplied in the quarterly pack collection. The booklets that are normally die cut only through the stamp are die cut through the stamp and the backing. The result is that the single stamp remains attached to a section of the front or back of the stamp booklet. This means that if there are 12 stamps in a booklet, 12 different single stamps have been created.
Booklet: Stamp Side

Booklet : Back Side

Quarterly Pack Single Booklet Stamp

 The stamp is die cut through the stamp and  the backing

 The text on the backing can be used to identify from which position the stamp was cut:

The stamp was cut from the 4rth column, 2nd row

The 2013 Collection

Year of the Snake

Die cut from booklet

Die cut from booklet

Flag : Canadian Pride

Die cut from booklet