Sunday, January 12, 2014

Picture Postage Stamps

Canada Post Corporation's temporary withdrawal of "Permanent" stamps reminded me of the 2001 "Picture Postage" booklet I had in my collection.

 The stamps are non-denominated (47 cents when issued) but printed Domestic Lettermail

This is how Canada Post Corporation described the stamps in its press release:

Designer Steven Spazuk has given Greeting Stamps a fresh new look. The mahogany frame has been replaced with a new "Baby" frame, and the "Thank You/Merci" sticker has been replaced with a picture of white baby shoes. The four frames retained from the previous set are: silver, gold leaf, "Love," and Christmas; the remaining four stickers are: maple leaf, pen, heart, and holly. As before, the frames can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, but the new design shows no denomination. Each booklet of five frames and five stickers includes a Picture Postage™ order form so customers can order their own personalized photo stickers to combine with these frames and create their own unique stamps.

When I first thought of writing this post, my intention was to provide information about these "Permanent" stamp precursors but I discovered a well-researched and illustrated website that covers the topic better than I could ever dream of accomplishing. I invite you to visit  BRC Stamp's "Picture Postage Stamps of Canada" site. Great work. Can we expect an update?