Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WWII Auxiliary Services

On September 10, 1939, Canada declared war on Germany. Early in October, 1939, the Canadian government accepted the offers of four "National Voluntary Organizations" to provide services for troops in Canada and overseas. The Canadian Legion War Services, the Knights of Columbus, the Salvation Army and the Y.M.C.A. entered into a contract with the Minister of National Defence, becoming official auxiliaries operating under the Directorate of Auxiliary Services.

The auxiliary services provided invaluable sports, recreation, social and educational programs which contributed to the welfare of the members of the forces and helped preserve morale. Since correspondence to and from family and friends was important in maintaining morale, the auxiliary services  provided envelopes to forces personnel in Canada and overseas. This post shows various envelopes produced by the volunteer organizations of the auxiliary services.

1. Salvation Army

Salvation Army corner (lower left) cards


 Ottawa M.P.O. 301 (Landsdowne Park), March 17, 1943

 Niagara Falls MPO 203, March 15, 1942

 United Kingdom

4 Canadian Infantry Brigade (Royal Hamilton Light Infantry)
FPO C 4 (British  Field Post Office) , Aldershot, April 22. 1941

 Army Distribution Centre No. 5 (British F.P.O. 488)
Canadian Forestry Corps, Scotland, February 21, 1942

2. Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus corner cards


Camp Borden M.P.O. 202, July 16, 1945

 Mountain View M.P.O. 309 (RCAF  6 Bombing and Gunnery School), May 26, 1945


C.A.P.O. 3, Botwood, July 26, 1943

United Kingdom

Headquarters 2 Canadian Corps
FPO HC 2 ( British F.P.O. 640, January 8, 1944)

Headquarters First Canadian Army
 FPO AC 1 (British F.P.O. 585), Southern England,  April 24, 1944

3. Canadian Legion

Canadian Legion corner cards


 Windsor, N.S., M.P.O. 620, May 31, 1944


 "Y" Force, Jamaica, September 30, 1942

 United Kingdom

A Group, Canadian Reinforcement Units
 FPO SC 4 (British F.P.O. 248), Witley, Surrey, September 2, 1941

Canadian Reinforcement Units, C Group
F.P.O. S.C. 6, Borden, September 24, 1942

4. Y.M.C.A.

 YMCA corner cards


 M.P.O. 301 (Ottawa), November 30, 1939

 Rivers, Man. MPO 1006, November 25, 1944

 Portage la Prairie MPO 1012, July 7, 1945

United Kingdom

 B Group Reinforcement Units
FPO SC 5 (British F.P.O. 247), Hampshire, August 30, 1940


Headquarters First Canadian Army
F.P.O. A.A. 1, Tilberg, Netherlands, December 6, 1944

North West  Europe 
 1 Canadian Army Base Post Office
FPO SC 758, January 5, 1945

 From H.M.C. Ship, 8/12/41

  From H.M.C. Ship
N.P.O. 1113 Esquimalt, B.C., August 20, 1943

5.  On Active Service Envelope: All Auxiliary Service Organizations Listed

In addition to envelopes produced by each of the volunteer organizations of the Auxiliary Service, an envelope listing all four organizations was produced for troops "On Active Service".

United Kingdom

Canadian Reinforcement Headquarters, Borden
FPO SC 3, May 29, 1945

ON ACTIVE SERVICE envelope corner card


 2 Canadian Infantry Division
FPO TC 2, Groesbeek Area, Netherlands, November 17, 1944


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