Thursday, July 21, 2011

1972 Earth Sciences Congresses

In July and August of 1972, Canada hosted four international organization concerned with the exploration and development of the earth and man's activities on the planet. More than 15,000 delegates from some 125 countries were scheduled to take part in various activities of the 22nd International Geographical Congress, the 24th International Geological Congress, the 6th International Conference of the International Cartographic Association and the 12th Congress of the International Society of Photogrammetry, the major assemblies of which were held in Montreal and Ottawa.

Canada Post Office issued four stamps which appeared se-tenant on miniature panes of sixteen stamps. The stamps, designed by Fritz Gottschalk, were released on August 2, 1972.


The geography stamp is an abstracted bird's eye view of a village situated at the intersection of main and secondary roads.


The geology stamp illustrates a cross-section of the crust of the earth showing different layers of materials.


The cartography stamp shows a simplification of mountains drawn in schematic shape by using "Sigfried" lines.


The photogrammetry stamp is a visual simplification of the theme of the Congress.

First Day Covers

Canada Post Office Publicity first day covers

Publicity insert

Canada Post Office "Official" first day cover and insert




Kingswood (Fleetwood)

David Pritchard


International Air Mail

The stamps were issued in 15 cent denominations "suitable for use on mail destined for a large part of the earth's surface". The international "all-up" letter rate was 15 cents for each ounce.

Mission City to Munster, Germany, December 15, 1972
15 cents international letter rate

To the United States

Ottawa to Orange, Mass., August 24, 1972
10 cents air mail rate + 50 cents registration fee