Friday, June 24, 2011

1933 UPU Meeting Ottawa

From May 18th to June 28th, 1933, the Universal Postal Union Executive Committee met in Ottawa to prepare the agenda for the 10th U.P.U. Congress to be held in Cairo in 1934. The Canada Post Office marked the occasion by issuing a lovely engraved commemorative stamp, featuring a view of Parliament Hill showing the Library of Parliament, Centre Block, Peace Tower, West Block, Confederation Building, and the wooded cliffs of Parliament Hill above the Ottawa River.

National Archives of Canada

Stamp Essay

National Archives of Canada
Die Proof

Approved Model

National Archives of Canada

First Day Cover

Department of Secretary of State to Mr. J.G. Higgins, St. John's, Newfoundland
Mr. Higgins was a prominent lawyer. On January 15, 1959, Prime Minister appointed Mr. Higgins as the first Progressive Conservative Senator from Newfoundland.

First Day of Issue : May 18, 1933

Enclosed letter from M.J. Mulhall

Correspondence from UPU Commission Participant

Ottawa to Berne, Switzerland, June 19, 1933
Letter and "Commission Preparatoire" handstamp dated June 17
5 cents UPU letter rate to Switzerland

In the above letter, a UPU Commission participant writes to his cousins. He tells them that he is very busy and has not had an opportunity to visit the country, but is pleased with the reception he has received.


Vancouver to Markneukirchen, Germany, October 10, 1933
5 cents UPU letter rate + 10 cents registration fee

1934 UPU Congress Cairo

The 10th UPU Congress was held in Cairo in 1934. Egypt issued a set of 14 stamps to commemorate the Congress. Imperforate proof printing of stamps were produced for the Royal collection which was sold at auction in 1954. Prominent Canadian stamp dealer Kasimir Bileski purchased many of the stamps in the Royal collection. The 1934 UPU proofs shown below were sold by Mr. Bileski.

The word "Cancelled" was printed on the backs of the proofs:

Bileski had priced the 12 proofs at $50 but provided a reduction to $32.

Bileski's description:
The special ROYAL imperforate
printing of this attractive U.P.U.
set, 1m to 200m. Only 100 sets