Friday, December 30, 2011

Semi-Official Air Mail:
Laurentide Air Services Limited

From 1924 to 1932, the Canada Post Office authorized airline companies to charge a fee for carriage of mail in northern Canada and issue their own stamps. The airline fee was in addition to Canadian postage. Airline company stamps were not to be affixed to the front of the envelopes.

Laurentide Air Services

Laurentide Air Service Ltd, carried out operations in both Québec and Ontario, including the first regular Canadian air-mail, passenger and freight service from Haileybury, Ont, to Rouyn, Qué (1924).

Rouyn Lake to London, England, October 22, 1924
4 cents Canadian postage paying letter rate to Great Britain

25 cents paying air mail rate from Rouyn to Haileybury